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Students During Break

Active Membership

  1. Attends California State University, Sacramento

  2.  Understand and respect the principles and purpose of the club.

  3.  Attends a majority of regular club meetings for at least one semester.

  4. Maintains regular attendance to maintain membership status. 

  5. Recommended 2.0 cumulative GPA at California State University, Sacramento

Alumni and Honorary Membership

  1. Understands and respects the principles and purpose of the club.

  2. Honorary membership shall be limited to California State University, Sacramento alumni, faculty, staff, and community members.   

  3. Honorary members are encouraged to attend all SHS meetings and activities but hold no official vote in club business. 

Sister Membership

A Sister Member may be recognized by this club if the person is a member in good standing of any other Hellenic Society across the United States. Sister Members do not have any voting rights and may only observe official club matters.

Membership: Membership
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